FSEC 2016

Vendor-neutral information security symposium

14th—15th September 2016
Croatian National Theatre
Varaždin, Croatia

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In ancient greece, a symposium was a drinking party, a key Hellenic social institution where men from respected families debated and plotted various matters. They were also held by aristocrats to celebrate victories in athletic or poetic contests.

In the same tradition of the last six years of existence, we strive to be a place where professionals and hackers regardless of gender, race or background can meet on neutral ground and exchange ideas and knowledge, and discuss current topics, trends and problems in the broad topic of information security.

Currently FSec is the biggest, vendor neutral technical information security symposium in Croatia.

On the main stage, we want intellectual sustenance, we do not want only form, fear mongering or sales pitches. We want high quality content, knowledge, experience and expertise to be shared with our attendees. We want to hear the latest thoughts and points of view from professionals, freelancers, consultants, governmental and law enforcement branches to hackers of all hat colors from a neutral, non biased perspective.

When we say vendor neutral, we don’t mean we dislike businesses or people that work professionally in the area of information security, we know no one wants sales talks when they want to educate themselves and network. We do want businesses to show off on what they are doing and their expertise. Therefore, in the large concert hall of the national theater building on the first floor we will have our vendor showcase where we want vendors to show their expertise and solutions.

Because our guests include CSOs, CISOs, CTOs and tech leaders from information technology field of the biggest and fastest growing companies, as well as information security experts from various branches in Croatia, EU and abroad.

You can imagine that costs are high for maintaining a conference like FSec. You want to support us because you want to:

  1. Support the state of information security knowledge sharing in Croatia.
  2. Hear lectures that will be presented from experts from Croatia and abroad and help bring those experts to this conference.
  3. Connect and network with people with the same interest in information security.
  4. If you need to employ people, there is no better location to find potential new talent and experts. Students interested in information security are also present at the conference, so you can easily find potential junior and senior talent.
  5. You want to support this cause and you want to make sure this congress will grow each year.

Sure, we have the whole National Theater building at our disposal. We have multiple rooms which could accommodate a workshop, an interest group meeting, a hackathon and so on. Remember, the conference will be as good as you can make it good. If your idea is accepted, we will even cover a supporter level ticket for you! So, the best way to make FSec even better is to help making it better.

There is some buzz that we might have a CTF at the con, but we will share that info soon :)


The Symposium covers a broad area of topics focused on information security, organized in three days:

14.9.2016. Wednesday - Strategy day (at HNK Varaždin)

  • On the main stage:
    • Keynote: Nikola Brzica - Cyberwarfare
    • Round table: Critical infrastructure protection
    • Yury Namestnikov (Kaspersky Lab) - Big game cyber-hunting
    • State of information security in Croatia briefing
    • The day will follow with talks that are relevant to decision makers and people that need to think from a strategic or development standpoint. No sales talks. (Ground floor)
  • Parallel with the strategy day we will have our vendor showcase event in the concert hall of the HNK (1st floor). If you are interested to showcase your products or services, project (commercial or FLOSS) or group contact us.
  • Full list of vendor showcases is HERE
  • Networking event for supporter and VIP level tickets

15.9.2016. Thursday - Tech day (at HNK Varaždin)

  • Technical lectures at the main stage, relevant technical content with no sales talks. Some selected talks:
  • Luka Kladarić - Security in the age of frameworks
  • Andrea Barisani - USB armory
  • Andreas Bogk - Why choice of programming language matters
  • Aleksandar Nikolic - Guided Fuzzing And Binary Blobs
  • Travis Goodspeed - Nifty Tricks for ARM Firmware Reverse Engineering
  • Aluc, Meredith Patterson - When the digital hair stands up in your neck

Additional Activites include: OWASP Croatia meeting, Capture the Flag event

Topics of Interest

We see FSec as neutral ground, a place to exchange ideas and knowledge. We will always strive to provide our attendees with high quality lectures without sales pitches.

  • Defensive and offensive security and advanced methods
  • Application and Web security
  • Governance
  • Cryptography and Cryptanalysis
  • Incident Response and Forensics
  • Data Privacy and Law
  • Cyber Warfare, Botnets and advanced Cyber-Munitions
  • Physical Security and Entry methods
  • Reverse Engineering and Malware Research
  • Telecommunications and Mobile Network Security
  • Legal and Social Aspect of Information Security
  • Social Engineering
  • Biometrics and biometric bypass techniques
  • Other Interesting Technical Information Security Content

Speakers & Lineup

FSec 2016 Schedule:

Our previous speakers include established names in local as well as global security, software development and system administration backgrounds.

We have a strict recording policy for our talks, so after the event only slides will be published from speakers that want their slides to be published. Some talks will be recorded (if the speakers explicitly wish their talks to be recorded, and they will be posted 10 months after FSec - Keep in mind, most of the talks will not be available as recordings)

FSec 2016 schedule

Buy tickets for FSec here

All payments must be done till 12.9.2016 @ 10:00

Google Map of POIs around the venue

Here is a link to our talk and event platform: FRAB

1.8.2016 - Lecture submission deadline

5.9.2016 - Full presentations due

Pictures from FSEC 2014

Pictures from FSEC 2015


We never intend to commercialize FSec and in the true meaning of open source and open knowledge we would like to enable everyone to attend.

Unfortunately, running a symposium on this level has costs, but we made sure everyone who wants can attend.


You sit at your comfortable chair at work and thinking on participating at Fsec? but you think it's just far beyond your budget or knowledge level? Far from it. We want to make sure everybody can come, so we have come up with different levels of attendees (you can join even for free!), so we can equally work on information security problems. Come and be part of once and only moments at FSec, so you can tell your grandchildren about it. We know you want it. Now get up from that chair and start working to come to FSec. Moment you start learning for real is outside of your comfort zone (or chair zone).

If you are a student, unemployed, cannot afford a ticket or your company doesn’t want to buy you a ticket, send us (fsec-tickets @ foi.hr) an e-mail with the reason why you should get a free ticket. Free tickets are issued on an amount of free space basis, although we will reserve a number of free tickets exclusively for students and the unemployed. Keep in mind that those are given out on mix of first come - first serve basis and the evaluation of you e-mail where you wrote why should you get a free ticket.

This year, we won't be accepting cash at the entrance! We will be only relying on bank transfers because of financial regulations. Remember you NEED to write an e-mail a few days before the payment deadline with a reason to obtain free entrance to the conference.

We have 3 levels of tickets (+ the free option):


See Above
  • Access to all lectures on all days
  • Access to vendor area


750 HRK
(~100 EUR)
  • Access to all lectures on all days
  • Access to vendor area
  • Refreshments during breaks

Business supporter

7500 HRK
(~1000 EUR)
  • All previous perks
  • Multiple basic tickets or an lesser amount of supporter tickets (Let’s negotiate - and we are flexible)
  • Listing of your company / affiliation as a sponsor
  • VIP supporter accreditation/badge

Buy tickets for FSec here


The first two days will be held at the Croatian National Theater building in Varaždin. Last day will be will be held in the FOI building, the building is located in the heart of Varaždin, right next to it's city square.

Croatian National Theathre Varaždin
Augusta Cesarca 1
42000 Varaždin, Hrvatska

Faculty of Organization and Informatics, Varaždin
Pavlinska 2
42000 Varaždin, Hrvatska

More information about traveling here and accommodation can be found at the CECIIS website.

Student/Unemployed Tickets

If you are a student, unemployed or cannot afford a ticket, send us (fsec-tickets@foi.hr) an e-mail with the reason why you should get a free ticket.

Free tickets are issued on a free space basis, although we will reserve a number of free tickets exclusively for students and the unemployed keep in mind that those are given out on mix of first come - first serve basis and the evaluation of you e-mail where you wrote why should you get a free ticket.


The first FSec was organized at September 2011 by Tonimir Kišasondi, Igor Vuk and Vlatko Košturjak at the Faculty of Organization and Informatics.

Core Organizing Committee:
Tonimir Kišasondi (FOI)
Vlatko Košturjak (Diverto)
Igor Vuk (Nimium)

Organizing committee (In alphabetical order):
(Contact via fsec-orga@foi.hr)
Tomislav Androš (Diverto)
Alen Delić (Diverto)
Toni Gržinić (Diverto)
Tonimir Kišasondi (FOI)
Vlatko Košturjak (Diverto)
Vitomir Margetić (HackersForCharity)
Dobrica Pavlinušić (FFZG / Hulk)
Slaven Smojver
Ivan Špoljarić (Diverto)
Miroslav Štampar (ZSIS)
Ivo Ugrina (Genos Lab / King’s College London)
Neven Vučinić (Instantor)
Igor Vuk (Nimium)
Vedran Vukovac (Medikol)

Tech / Infra:
Igor Vuk (Nimium)
Mario Harjač (FOI)