Mario Suvajac (ReversingLabs) - Analysis of (unknown) file formats

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Talk abstract:

The goal of this talk is to provide a general overview of effort that goes into, and to familiarize listeners with, making an unpacker or a validator for various ranges of binary file formats. Unpackers and validators are used in various ranges of security and utility products. Anti-virus products use them to do file introspection and ease malware detection while other uses include applications in hard-drive forensics and even everyday file extraction from archives. File format analysis enables writing such tools. The talk will provide real life experience, advice and techniques with insight into both analysis and programming challenges that are encountered daily and suggestions on how to solve them. Focus of this talk will be on the most common file formats that are encountered in the “wild”.

Speaker bio:

Mario Suvajac is a Senior Software Engineer at ReversingLabs with 10 years of experience in Reverse Engineering. He is the lead engine developer of TitaniumCore2. Currently he is working on the next generation of decomposition technologies.


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