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We never intended to commercialize FSec, but in the true meaning of open source and open knowledge we would like to enable everyone to attend.

Instead of standard tickets or registrations, we will try and cover all costs only with donations so we can enable those more and less fortunate to attend. A donation is equal to a full FSec access ticket for all keynotes and lectures for all three days.

If you don't know how much to donate, a donation of 200 kn per attendee, helps us cover our costs of running this symposium, and will help us ensure that the next year, FSec is bigger, better and with more better lectures. Of course, we allow higher or lower donations as a form of registration for our conference.

If you donate early via bank transfer, your custom accreditation/fsec badge will be waiting for you at the conference registration, for donations exceeding 500kn, we have some other suprises ;)

Take a copy of your payment verification just in case.

How to fill out the payment form / Donation details via bank transfer:

Primatelj (recipient): Fakultet organizacije i informatike, Pavlinska 2, Varaždin
Broj žiro-računa (account number): 2360000-1101741225
Model (model):  05
Poziv na broj (reference number): 19-99-13
Opis plaćanja (purpose of payment): FSec (insert your e-mail)
Uplatitelj (user): Your name and address
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