Speaker: Matija Kaniški


I am focused on constant improvement of my skills and knowledge in the IT field. Ready to take responsibility and use acquired knowledge for the mutual development of my company and myself.

Knowledge of methodologies: ISO 9000, ITIL, ISO/IEC 15504 (Spice), ISO/IEC 12207, ISO 9126, OWASP and ISO 27000 family.Knowledge of security tools: nmap, sqlmap, openvas, metasploit framework, burpsuite, zap and wireshark. Knowledge in cryptographic system development: openssh, openssl, openpgp and X.509. Knowledge in network security tools and techniques: iptables filtering on L3, L4 and L7. Knowledge in computer forensics and forensics procedures: AccessData FTK, DFF, EnCase, Volatility, Belkasoft, DumpIt, OSF, Sleuthkit and SysinternalSuite (PsTools).Knowledge in virtualization with docker, terraform, vagrant and coreOS. Advanced GNU/Linux system knowledge. Shell scripting knowledge: bash and sh.


E-Mail: makaniski@foi.hr