Speaker: Predrag Kovačević

Pk vz 2015

Predrag Kovacevic is co-founder and technical director of company IKI specialized in assisting service providers, financial institutions and large enterprises in transition of legacy network applications and payment services to the next generation of advanced IP & Internet services. In his rich experience he is continuously leading demanding projects implementing advanced communication technologies such as monitoring, troubleshooting and forensic systems, TLS/SSL transaction encryption acceleration, IP POS secure access, web application delivery, secure web access, deep packet inspection, shaping of IP application traffic and denial of service protections. Predrag Kovacevic is also speaker on international payments conferences where he is promoting positive security model approach for encrypted TLS/SSL transaction services and permanent monitoring of real KPIs for availability and performance of TLS/SSL transactions from external, merchant and web customer points of view.

Since 2011 Predrag Kovacevic has been leading development, customizations and implementations of SITO IP POS TLS/SSL transaction security, availability and performance monitoring system. SITO IP POS was Cartes, Paris, 2013 Sesames Awards Finalist in IT Security category and MPE, Berlin, 2014 MPE Awards Finalist in Data Information category. In 2014 he started SSLNAC virtual transaction delivery controller project which was Cartes Sesames 2015 finalist in Connected Objects Applications (IoT) category in Paris, France. SSLNAC has also been shortlisted for Global Payments Awards 2015 in the Securing Payments category at PayExpo, Istanbul, Turkey.